Yeehaw Wand – Experience the Future of Design Review

YeeHaw Wand is an intuitive 3D Modeling System. It is the best way ever to construct objects superposed on the real world. Its browser-based 3d print design app allows you to create 3D geometric shapes, save and share them online. It offers some existing 3D shapes to start modeling, as well as a gallery of 3D models to print them once finished.


YeeHaw Wand starts with a simple interface but integrates a wide range of accessories and functional tools. Users start with the lines and drawing forms, which can then be attracted and
pushed into a variety of complex 3D geometric shapes. Just make the world your canvas through it.

The fact that YeeHaw Wand is used by professionals and educators does not mean that it should not be used by beginners. Even for the absolute beginners who want to get started in 3D
modeling, YeeHaw Wand, is an excellent tool to start without having any particular programming or 3D graphics experience. After all, it’s totally free to experiment, and the website offers video tutorials of 3D modeling so you can get started.

It is the fastest, most flexible and intuitive 3d printing system. By using YeeHaw Wand, users can manage their drawings more easily and communicate their design information using a better annotation tool. It works with AR app on your device to get across 3D designs to life. Just portray your designs or hint over objects in the world around you. You would be able to print at home
or get printed efficiently.

Concretely, the system consists of four elements:

· The “Wand”, baguette which takes the form of a colored spoon. The user holds it in hand to model in space;

· A circular plate with a printed pattern, which allows to turn the 3D model;

· A dedicated application, which displays augmented reality 3D model created by the user;

· A support for tablet and what seems to be a system close to the periscope, presented as optional.

Yeehaw Wand is the latest digital implement that makes it possible to use AR technology to create and print 3D designs easly.

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