Vessi – The World’s First 100% Waterproof Knit Shoes Review

We love quality, comfortable, light, smooth, and affordable shoes that can fit any occasion, but nothing has ever sufficiently prepared or protected us from that soaked grass, rain, or water splash.

How amazing would it be to have incredibly amazing and easy to clean waterproof knit shoes that will make you be at peace when it is raining or while camping, walking or having fun in that wet soaked environment or any weather condition? This is no longer a birthday wish, but a dream come true!

Vessi offers you the world’s first 100% waterproof knit shoes that are just tailored to you. The great part about Vessi shoes is that you can submerge them in water and keep your socks and feet as dry as ever. You won’t have to worry about having wet feet, soaked socks, or wearing those uncomfortable boots all day to keep your feet dry anymore.

What Makes Vessi-Water Proof knit shoes Special?


• 100% waterproof and windproof.

• Lightweight and comfortable.

• Durable, super flexible (4-way stretch) and form-fitting.

• Breathable and moisture wicking reducing the buildup of odor and sweat.

Vessi waterproof knit shoes have employed patented flash knit technology that has a nano-filtering membrane that keeps your feet dry by preventing water from getting into your shoes while at the same time, allowing heat and sweat to escape from them.

Moreover, the upper knitted layer is made of nylon and polyester allowing your shoe to comfortably super stretch and fit your leg like a hug.

The shoes’ soles are made of light and durable rubber reinforced with Vzero midsoles, which provide energy return, cushioning, and traction for every step making you walk naturally in all weather conditions.

Also, Vessi shoes have been neatly knitted with a soft comfort lining making them easy and comfortable just as wearing those smooth socks you have.


The innovative design of flash knit water poof Vessi shoes is completely unmatched and provides you with not only comfort, durable, and super flexible shoe, but one that is 100% waterproof. Get your puddle and rainproof shoes; they are available in arctic white, midnight black and charcoal gray colors.

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