AQUOGEN: Water and Breathable Oxygen On-The-Go Review


Water and Breathable Oxygen On-The-Go Aquogen is a water bottle that stores both water and oxygen refills for when you need it the most. This refillable and reusable bottle will provide you with oxygen and fresh water on the go. If you’re into adventures and sports or suffer from regular fatigue, you will appreciate the extra oxygen boost that this unique and proprietary product offers.

The product is amazingly unique, primarily designed for people who need oxygen and water on the go, or when heading to environments where these resources are limited. They are designed to work with individual oxygen containers for ease of refill. The bottle holds about 0.81L of water and up to 25 full breaths of oxygen. It comes in four different colors to give you variety.

Who needs this product?

The product can come in handy for people who need more than what natural oxygen can offer in their environment. So if you live in a big polluted city where fresh, clean oxygen is premium, this is meant for you. Just a single breath of clean, pure oxygen can make your day a whole lot better. Similarly, if you’re an active adventurer or sports enthusiast, chances are mountain climbing, high-altitude adventures, pilgrimage, extreme camping, athletics, and biking are on your list. On each of these activities, there’re chances that you will run into oxygen deficiency, and you may need some sort of oxygen supplementation; this is exactly what Aquogen was designed for. Aquogen can also help relieve medical conditions such as Lactic acidosis, Dysnia, Asthma, Wheezing, and CPAP in children.


• Offers pure oxygen in the go
• Portable, simple and ergonomic
• Durable and reusable

• Provides as much as 25 full breaths pure oxygen


• A higher water storage capacity could have been better
• Limited choices in size.
The company estimates delivery to be in August 2018. And from the positive reviews and following that the product has already quickly accumulated, it’s expected to be a very attractive product to anyone who needs pure oxygen and fresh water on demand. So take a second to check out this offer so that you don’t miss out on a chance to be part of this revolutionary product.
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