Vinci 2.0 – AI Sports Headphones Review

Everybody wants their work out to be as comfortable as possible. Tagging your phone along, or large headsets can cause discomfort and may hinder full mobility during a training session. Finally, there are headsets to fill this void. You no longer have to worry about missing out on essential notifications as you work out because you left your phone at home. Say hello to the new Vinci 2.0 – World’s First Standalone AI Sports Headphones. These Standalone Smart Wireless Headphones not only have AI embedded in them, but they are also voice controlled, meaning all of your body can now be entirely dedicated to the workout.

Vinci 2.0 Key Features

• Select Music by Voice Command

With internal memories of up to 32GB, you can upload all your favorite songs into these headsets. When you start exercising, you can command Vinci to play a particular song, or you could command it to play the best songs for working out. Furthermore, you can also use the voice commands or hand gestures to control the play/pause, rewind and forward and volume functions.

• Calls and Texts

Vinci can also connect to your phone, and you can command it to make calls on your behalf without being close to the phone. It can even read notifications that come in, so you are always aware of what’s happening.

• Keep Track of Your Heartrate

One feature that made the Vinci 2.0 stand out is the heart rate meter. Now you can know your heart rate as you work out. Furthermore, you can also ask Vinci if it’s too high or too low. In addition to that, it can also coach you as you work out, telling you whether you are close to achieving your goals and motivating you.

• Noise Cancellation

Vinci 2.0 Has eight different noise cancellation modes, all tailored for different environments. Through the Artificial Intelligence, you can tell it your location, and it will choose the right sound mode. It can also detect your mood, and play the right music for that feeling.

Combine all the above features and much more like Wi-Fi compatibility and online music streaming capabilities, with the sleek design that perfectly sits on your neck, and you have a gadget that gives you the most convenience whether you are out for a run, or in a theatre watching a play.

Ar. 1/13/18

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