Podbudy – Keeps Your Earbuds in Place When You Workout Review

Are you just tired of your earbuds getting loose and falling off while exercising? Are you trying to find an alternative to have a better experience while working out? A new exciting crowdfunding campaign has been launched which can solve this problem. “Podbudy” is an earbud holder. Podbudy keeps your earbuds in place when you workout! This product turns your normal earbuds into workout earbuds. With the help of these you can enjoy working out and you don’t have to invest a lot of money into a workout headset which can be quite expensive. You can move the way you want without any hassle and let yourself enjoy life.This way you can enjoy listening to your songs while jogging, dancing or while doing any other physical exercise.Also, they are very comfortable to wear compared to tight sports earbuds and are also quite stylish. This is a very innovating idea and has gotten a lot of support in its short Kickstarter lifespan. There is nothing like this currently in the market which gives us an incentive to support this product and make this product a trendy new accessory. Podbudy also protects your earbuds from damage. They are made from a bio-sourced material which also makes them environmental friendly The product comes in 5 exciting colors which are white, black, red, yellow and cyan. Now let us discuss it’s various pros and cons.


1)It fits with any type of earbuds and adapts to any ear size.
2)It is adjustable.
3)it protects your earbuds from damage.
4)Doesn’t get loose even with heavy sweat.
6)Has a protective case with it.


1)Has a lot of competitors.
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