Firefly The World’s First Super Antenna iPhone Case Review

There is nothing more annoying than bad reception on your smartphone in the middle of a phone call. This can also quickly drain your battery and you may end up with a dead phone. Like any other smartphone, even an iPhone needs a good stable case that has additional support for your precious one. Just tell me how many times you accidentally dropped your cell phone and wonder why me. For all iPhone users, there is a great solution and its name is Firefly.

What is firefly?

Firefly is an iPhone case that protects your phone from physical damages. But, it’s not just iPhone case. It is the world’s first iPhone case designed with the intention of protecting and improvoing your reception. Firefly iPhone case improves stability and reception of your global cellular, Wireless, and Bluetooth signal. This also helps to save your battery at the same time.
The case fits for every iPhone six and goes all the way up to eight plus. The tests are made with and without the Firefly iPhone case. The results are surprisingly for the benefit of the case. It really improves your connection, whenever it comes to Wifi or cellular speed.

Screen protection

The protective screen technology will make all your frustrations of dropping phone go away. Thanks to WavGEL inner liner absorbs kinetic energy and its ability to absorb the drop force, your phone may be stable more than you think.

Firefly is a name to remember. It has many benefits including visibility. Here are a few things that make this case better than any other. Here are some pros and cons of this product:


• Better cellular signal
• Faster Wi-Fi connection
• Improved Bluetooth connectivity
• Faster streaming
• Longer battery life
• No more lags in calls
• Luminescent frame for better visibility during night
• Shock-absorbing TPU for better protection


• Protection for the camera is not the best, especially for front facing camera
• The signal bar as shown in the test has gone from one to two signal bars
• With additional stand and screen protector, it may be too expensive

Final thoughts

The good thing about the case is its ergonomic and slim design with 12.5 mm thickness, so you won’t get the feeling of a brick in your pocket. Also, there are several versions of the case. The one comes with additional screen protector and a WavStand with built-in magnets.

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