DipClip: An In-Car Holder for Ketchup and Dipping Sauces Review

Have you ever been to a road trip? You feel like you own the world, grab a couple of friends and drive to explore the oceans, go to the movies, find a place to hike or just enjoy yourself in a quiet place with great views and play game and laugh till its dark?

But after a long day and drive you may be hungry but you also have a exhausting 100 miles drive till you reach home sweet home, so what do you do?

You stop at McDonald’s drive-through or at any fast food restaurant you find and order the largest burger in the menu, soda and fries and there you got a perfect meal. Oh yeah, something is missing right? The sauces! I would like to meet a person who would enjoy this meal without any ketchup or mustard. What do you do now? Eat in the car gets all the sauce stains on the seats and the steering wheel? Or you just wait till you get home and eat your cold burgers and fries? Finally someone thought of an excellent solution! DipClip is the name of the product that will change you eating habits for life! That will let you enjoy your drive-thru stops and eat your meal with zero stains and zero troubles.
To¬†use this amazing car holder for ketchup & dipping sauces all you got to do is to find a vent, in the front or back seat, slide the DipClip inside the vent, take your favorite sauce and place it inside, take the fries or whatever you eating and just dunk and eat it, its that easy I know. So you don’t have to clean your seats from stains after every road trip, you can always be safe and clean with DipClip.
Pros: Fun to Use
Cons: Could get messy if abused!

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